Henrad. Strict quality control comes first.

With a thorough management system, Henrad monitors product quality, safety during the production process and our impact on the environment. Strict procedures and precise instructions help with this.

The management system supports Henrad's strict policy on quality, safety and environment. All those involved in the production process, from supplier to production employee, must thoroughly know and scrupulously apply the applicable procedures and instructions.




Henrad is working hard every day to measure, assess and improve the quality of our products and our services. We do this by involving the entire organisation, suppliers and customers in our processes. When improving those processes and developing new and innovative products, our customers' opinions are crucial.

Annual quality audit

Every year, our quality management system is examined by the audit agency TUV Süd, based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. During this audit, all Henrad departments are thoroughly examined and it is checked whether the policy on quality, safety and the environment is sufficiently known and correctly applied.

Our products are also audited every year. All properties and specifications, including packaging, labelling and storage conditions, are thoroughly checked against the applicable standards. All our products are EN 442-certified. Certain products are also NF-certified.


Service & Repairs Department


Our customers expect and deserve the best radiators. Every radiator that leaves our production site must meet the highest quality requirements.

That is also the reason why we confidently give a ten-year guarantee on the flawless functioning of our radiators. Living up to this quality ambition every day is the ultimate goal of all our employees.

Does one of our radiators - despite all our quality controls - not meet the technical requirements or does a technical fault occur? Our passionate customer service and sales support staff are your direct point of contact for all questions.

No effort is too much for us to provide a quick and appropriate solution. If necessary, our experienced technical specialists will come on site to expertly repair or replace the radiator.

So that you can fully enjoy our products and services in peace, quiet and comfort.