Henrad. A heart for green heat.

Heat is indispensable in our daily lives. Heat stands for cosiness and comfort. But because we want to provide everyone with sufficient heat, we all put a lot of pressure on our environment and the climate. Henrad wants to reduce that pressure.

Henrad wants to care for our planet and for the generations to come. We want to use energy wisely and resolutely opt for sustainable, green heat for everyone. Our innovative ECO technology and electrical range play an important role in this.

Taking care of our future

We want to commit ourselves not only to today's consumers, but also to tomorrow's generations. In the West, more than a third of the available energy is used to heat buildings and heat water. By heating more efficiently, we can significantly reduce our energy consumption.

We need to reduce the energy consumption for heating in our homes. Renewable energy sources, efficient insulation and new heating technology help us a long way. Henrad's revolutionary ECO technology ensures that modern low-temperature systems perform optimally.

Sustainable heating for everyone

Henrad wants as many people as possible to enjoy optimum comfort and low energy costs throughout their lives. Hence our strong focus on the best possible price-quality ratio. From a sober town house to a spacious villa: every home deserves the quality, comfort and warmth of Henrad radiators.